Instructions for Adjustable Sliding Knot

This technique makes a pretty adjustable knot for necklaces. It is sometimes called a Triple Connection Knot.
1. Hold one cord against the other. Double the end over. Adjustable Sliding Knot Instructions

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2. Loop the end around both cords. Adjustable Knot Instructions

Adjustable Knot

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3. Loop the end around both cords two times and bring the end strand through the original loop. Adjustable Knot for Necklace Tutorial  
4. Begin to pull both ends of the working cord in opposite directions. Adjustable Knot Instructions  
5. Pull until the knot is secure. Repeat with the other strand. Secure the knot with a drop of GS-Hypo Cement. Hint: After gluing move the knot up and down several times so that it does not glue itself to the other strand. Adjustable Knot Instructions